Accelerate Business Growth with Potent Marketing Strategies

 Accelerate Business Growth with Potent Marketing Strategies

Whether you are running a B2C or B2B business both share a common goal, business growth, but the tricky part is to find the right strategy. 

Now, I’m sure you might be curious about which strategies will work for your business. 

Obviously, there is no certain answer to this question due to constant changes in consumer behaviour. No worries, we came up with various ideas to help you explore approaches to tackle this problem and these strategies are followed by industry leaders. 

Top 10 B2B Marketing Strategies 

Curious about what strategies leading brands are using? We accumulate data from recent B2B surveys and other sources to identify the most successful strategies and here are those. 

Inbound Marketing 

inbound marketing strategies

Inbound marketing is a strategic approach that focuses on creating valuable and informative content tailored to audience needs. This approach aims to build a long-term relationship with your targeted audience and then convert them into paying customers. 

Why Is It the Most Effective Marketing Strategy?

Unlike traditional marketing strategy here you don’t have to seek new customers, they will come to you organically without spending a lot. This strategy not only engages visitors but also builds trust in their minds. That makes it easier to convert them into paying customers.  

Here’s an example that can help you understand better, let’s say that you are searching “inbound marketing strategies” in the search result you click on HubSpot to find more detailed information.  

After reviewing the blog completely you notice they also offer inbound marketing courses for free. I’m sure you and other visitors click on the signup button to register. 

That’s how you became a stranger to a qualified lead. 

Content Marketing 

content marketing strategies

Content marketing is a process of creating, distributing, and publishing content on various digital mediums. This marketing strategy approach is quite similar to inbound marketing where you develop different formats of content (blog, e-books, videos, infographics posts, etc) to engage with consumers and convert them into payable customers.  

Here’s Why You Should Focus on Content Marketing

Based on research 70% of marketers use content marketing strategies to increase their brand awareness, educate their targeted customers, and convert them into quality leads. 

Here’s how they do it. 

Let’s say that you are looking for content marketing strategies in the search engine where you click on a random link to find more insights. While collecting data you found they offer content creation templates for free so you clicked on the signup button to download free templates. 

That’s how they got qualified leads. 

Social Media Marketing 

social media marketing strategy

Social media marketing is a process to promote your products or services on different social media platforms such as X, Instagram, Facebook, and many more. 

Here’s Why You Should Focus On Social Media Marketing

4.76 billion people are using social media platforms, which means 59% of the world’s population uses social media. That makes it a formidable tool to reach potential customers, engage them, and build a genuine connection. 

A study conducted by Investopedia, on visual inspirational platforms (such as Instagram) influencer content has a significant impact on consumers buying decisions across the industry. 

Here’s how they do it. 

Let’s say you came across an ad offering a free social media marketing course so you click on it and enroll in it. 

That’s how they get quality leads by leveraging social media marketing strategies. 

Search Engine Optimisation 

search engine optimization strategy

This strategy is quite similar to the inbound marketing strategy. You have to optimise your website and make it SEO-friendly to drive organic traffic to your webpage. 

How can SEO Significantly Boost the Growth of Your Business?

Unlike inbound marketing strategies, SEO is cost-effective. Without spending much you can reach your targeted audience, engage with them, build trust, and drive sales & leads. 

In a study conducted by HubSpot, SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate on the other hand outbound marketing has 1.07%. It also drives 1000%+ organic traffic compared to organic social media.  

Here’s how SEO works. 

Based on the keywords optimise your website so that whenever a potential customer searches for something relevant to your product or service your webpage will appear on top of the search results. That not only drives traffic to your webpage, but also engages them, and converts them into a qualified lead. 

Search Engine Marketing 

search engine marketing strategy

Search engine marketing is a powerful tool for advertising your products or services on the search engine results pages. It is the most effective way to reach your targeted audience and drive maximum results. 

Here’s how it works. 

You need to optimize your advertising campaign based on the keywords or phrases that users are searching on the search engine so when a potential customer searches for something relevant on the search engine your ad campaign will appear on top of the search result.  

Earned Media 

Earned media is one type of exposure that you get for various reasons such as research-based valuable content, entertaining content, or any other reasons. Here you don’t have to pay for the referrals, press mentions, backlinks, or social shares.   

This strategy not only helps you improve your brand image but also increases traffic and builds trust in user’s minds. 

Here’s how earned media works.

Earlier in this blog, we mentioned HubSpot because it provides valuable market insights and how it converts visitors into qualified leads. This example is also considered as earned media.  

Industry Events  

In-person and trade events are the best strategy for B2B business owners to build strong relationships with customers, key partners, and prospects. Besides all these, it also provides a platform for businesses to demonstrate their products and services.  

Here’s why you should conduct industry events. 

  • Soley focuses on meaningful interaction to strengthen relationships and achieve tangible results. 
  • Create a rich environment to generate qualified leads and loyalty program enrichment. 
  • Get access to a certain audience base and their information.         

Top B2C Marketing Strategy 

Influencer Marketing 

influencer marketing strategy

It is the most powerful tool to promote your products or services. Brands pay a popular creator or entrepreneur to promote their products and services to their audience. 

Civic Science conducted a survey, across the globe, 14% of  14-24 year olds across the globe purchase something after an influencer referred them through their stories or blogs. HubSpot released another study that 70% of people across the world believe influencers over banners or other forms of ads. 

Paid Media 

It is a method brands use to promote their products or services through different digital channels such as social media platforms, search engines, and many more.  

Today’s media influx makes it difficult for businesses to spread their message that’s why 70% of businesses across the globe use this strategy to advertise their content on different digital mediums.     


We understand that many B2B and B2C businesses looking for a way to expand their businesses. To educate them we create this blog and these small steps can have a huge impact on your business growth. 


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