How to be an Intentional Entrepreneur

 How to be an Intentional Entrepreneur

Are you starting a new business or already have such? If you are launching or leading a company or organisation, you must be intentional about your value and how you beat the competition. But after reading the title, you might have wondered what an intentional entrepreneur exactly is. In a few words, you can understand ‘it starts with why.’

Well, now I’m going to break it down clearly. Let’s first start with what an entrepreneur is.

What is an entrepreneur?

No doubt there are lot of different types of entrepreneurs, but they all are rooted in the core of what entrepreneur means. An entrepreneur is a person who mainly organizes and manages any enterprise or company, especially a business, usually with their own initiative or risk in the hope of profit.

What does intentional mean?

It is crucial to have an intention or purpose for your business. There should be a clearly defined cause for the existence of your business beyond earning money through the products you make or the services you provide.

So when we combine these words together, we get the exact word of what this article is about.

What is an intentional entrepreneur?

Well, there is no exact definition to define the term ‘Intentional entrepreneur.’ Still, we can understand its meaning as a person growing their business with a firm ‘why,’ intentional action, or clear direction.

Intentional entrepreneurs are very much passionate. Steve Jobs once said, “People with passion can change the world.”

When you are running a business with a solid reason ‘why,’ it will help you to sustain yourself in the long term. With a clear sense of direction, there is less chance of getting struck. It is true that you never predict things perfectly, but if you decide where you want to go, you can automatically find the direction needed to get there.

Being intentional means, you must know or be clear about what you wish to do and whom you want to work with or connect with.

Let’s know how you can become an intentional entrepreneur:

Intentional with your time

It is very easy to read your to-do list or be distracted by the latest craze on social media, but it is essential to guard your time. Time is the most precious thing. So you have to learn to charge for that accordingly.

But you should be flexible enough to give your time and lend a hand when possible to intentionally help others, answer their questions, evaluate and assess their readiness for business, or connect them with the right person. It will be really amazing when you can balance being mindful of your time with being selfless and giving because they may come back to you tenfold.

Intentional with whom you connect with

Nowadays, we have countless benefits with social media to connect. When you attend any event or conference, you get intentional about exactly whom you want to connect with and how you want to do that.

Intentional with whom you work with

To become an entrepreneur, you should need first decide what you want to do and with whom you love to work. Once you decide this, it is easy for you to take your business forward. You also need to refuse to work with a client or company that you do not believe in or don’t get along with.

Sudeshna Mishra

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