How to Hire, Train and Retain Superstar Staff

 How to Hire, Train and Retain Superstar Staff

Every company and people are well aware that in companies, people come and go. Right? That is undoubtedly true, but it’s a significant problem. As recruiting and developing a high-performing workforce is not so easy. It requires a lot of diligent planning, the right management approach, and humanistic company culture. You need to understand well that your workforce is an important asset in your business. They drive your company to growth and success. But finding the superstars and retaining them can prove to be challenging. It is time-consuming and costly for any business.

In this article, you can find essential ideas in a detailed manner about how to hire, train and retain superstar staff in your company.

How to recruit

Let’s first have a look at how to recruit. When you post a vacancy or job opportunity, you may receive more than a hundred or even thousands of applications for a single position, but the challenging task is selecting who is the best fit for your company.

There are various steps in the hiring process that are considered as best procedures in order to select superstar candidates. Follow these guidelines to get successful.

  1. Define clearly what you are looking for

Before you go to hire a new employee for your company, you must be clear about your requirements. Without a vision, your recruiting process falls flat. Based on that, it is easy to define what qualities you are looking for. Then find individuals who have a passion for and are best fit to your requirements and too excited about working in the industry. It is also important to look for whether the particular individual has a strong work ethic because it is essential to have a team that is able to handle stress and adversity, as this is often a part of the job.

  1. Evaluate candidate qualifications

Once you have identified the qualities you are looking for in an applicant, it is crucial to evaluate their qualifications. This will include taking into account whether they have previous experience working in a  company, whether they hold certifications or licenses related to that, and how well they will fit within your company culture.

  1. Assess work ethics and performance

If you are satisfied with the candidate’s qualifications, it is important to assess their work ethic and performance. This includes observing how they interact with co-workers and how efficiently they complete tasks. You should also check if they exhibited any disciplinary issues in the past or if they have outstanding liabilities that could affect their work performance on your team. Remember that the best way to predict an individual’s future performance is by detecting their past performance. You can also ask them to describe their past experience or specific situations in their previous company. Their answers help you to detect their future behaviour.

  1. Prioritize communication skills

Research shows that when it comes to the matter of hiring a superstar employee, recruiters prefer the individual’s communication skills over any other attribute.

  1. Ability to put skills into action

A skill without action is meaningless. In contrast, you are recruiting; never focus on only the skills of a candidate mentioned on the resume. Candidates who show their talent should be simultaneously able to put in action well. They must be able to work very well under pressure and can handle their responsibility well.


How to train

Once you have hired new employees, it is important to train them on your company standards and protocols. This includes first sharing their basic information about the company, its culture and benefits, company policies, instruction on how you operate your business, positive reinforcement of good behavior, and prohibitions against inappropriate behavior. Give them a tour of your facility.

If training for the employee can be conducted effectively, then your new hires can start making impactful contributions to your company. Though it takes time, it is extremely important. Most of the employees prefer to stay at least a year or more if companies have well-structured new hire training because this helps to easily adopt the company environment and culture.

Here are a few ways to train your new staff:

  1. Outline training plan

Plan and make a detailed list of what you want to provide to your new employees during training. Make your employee clear about their job roles and responsibilities. It is essential to include all the elements so that they can understand what they need to do.

  1. Engage in daily communication

Try to get a daily update during the training days. By engaging continuously with them, you can able to solve their problems and determine if they are a superstar. Your daily engagement also motivates them.

  1. Prefer learning method according to each staff

Though it’s difficult and time-consuming but not impossible, each people can learn differently according to their capabilities, so it will be better to adopt various learning styles. In addition, understanding the new employee’s preferred learning method can help minimize the instruction a newcomer need to perform effectively in their role.

  1. Honest feedback

Always encourage your new hires to give their honest and true feedback or reviews. By collecting your new employee’s honest feedback, you are able to point out the areas where you need to improve or adjust your training process. This easy and straightforward way could save you time and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  1. Train for culture

Each new employee should be able to adopt the company culture so that they can manage and adjust themselves to that environment. Train for your company’s culture rather than just providing practical information.


How to retain

After a few months or a year, you generally find that good employees quit their job. There are various reasons one leaves his/her job, such as lack of recognition, better opportunities and facilities, more salary, limited options, non-adjustable company culture, and many more.

The company always wants to retain its best employees, especially the productive ones, because it costs time and money to replace them with a new ones. When a talented employee leaves a company, it creates strain on the existing employees as they have to do extra work until that role gets filled.

Here are a few ways for retaining your best employees:

  1. Hike their salary

This is one of the first and foremost reasons to quit a company. So offer above-average salaries and extra benefits to retain your most valuable employees.

  1. Provide non-monetary benefits

More salary does not always help you to retain your employees. Offer other perks or non-monetary benefits to engaging in your company, such as culture, fun, engagement, trust, flexibility, an extra day off and some other facilities.

  1. Allow speaking their minds

It is considered a good company culture where staff can freely speak up. Many sometimes do not speak up due to fear of termination. So it is necessary to ensure that your employees feel comfortable.

  1. Respect and appreciate them

Regularly appreciate your employees’ work over the salary. This makes them feel that they have some value in this organisation, and also they get public recognition, felicitate on their achievements, celebrate birthdays, and give bonuses.

  1. Offer the ability to grow

When one joins with a particular position, gradually, over time, and work performance, they expect better opportunities. If possible, allow more opportunities.

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