Learn A New Skill: Kaizen Way

 Learn A New Skill: Kaizen Way

Kaizen combines two Japanese words, ‘kai’ and ‘zen’ which means ‘change’ and ‘better.’ It is a Japanese philosophy developed second post World War and is defined as continuous improvement in a positive way. If you want to reach the top level of your career, you should follow this approach to develop yourself continuously. The kaizen approach is specially used for personal development, but the overall goal is to make gradual changes over a period of time to create improvements within an organization. That means Kaizen can also be applied to the process of learning a new skill. Skill is the ability to do something efficiently and successfully.

You can get enormous results if you implement kaizen ways in your career and life. Let’s get started.

Start small

If you want to achieve something big, start with small. Small starting makes your work easier and protects you from facing disappointment.

Begin with a single focus

Success comes when you focus on a single target. It is easier to deal with the matter upon focusing on a single area.

Ask smaller questions

Always ask questions to get your concept or doubt clear. If you don’t know the answer to that question, then don’t think you have asked a silly question.

Improve a little every day

It is our common nature that our mind wants to learn too in one day, but that’s practically not possible. Learning is a continuous process so improve every day.

Focus on smaller rewards

Your great reward is that every day you are learning and improving. Though it is your small achievement, it can take you to the big.

Applying the above mentioned ways in your life, you can learn many essential skills, especially in working with and leading a team. These skills are essential to setting goals and dealing with problems in the workplace.

Sudeshna Mishra

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