Questions To Be The Best Sales Closer Ever

 Questions To Be The Best Sales Closer Ever

Do you know asking questions to the customers increases the chances of your product or service selling more? Yes, you can use questions as a powerful sales tool. Good questions tempt your customers and attract them to your products. Asking correct questions can take you close to sales. But failing to ask proper questions or asking them at the wrong time can spoil your sale. Now I’m sure you are thinking about what type of questions. So read this article to know what the best questions are to ask.

Is this what you were looking for?

This is a question asked by the sellers after knowing what they want. Most often, the buyer fixes the deal by answering “yes.”

What do you think?

The seller asks this question most frequently during the selling process going on. This is the most important question to determine the reasons for objection in the customer’s mind, along with keeping the buyer engaged in thinking about buying the product. This question keeps both parties in a conversation.

Do you require this functionality or that?

Ask this type of question rather than asking an open-ended question that allows them to scope for comparison with other types of products. Use this question because it keeps the customer’s focus on your product. Moreover, multiple functionality states can help the customer to see even more value in the product.

Is there anything else you need to know about this product?

As you approach the end of the sales process, you want to ensure that you have addressed your customer’s needs and concerns. The way to do this is simply to ask. Avoid cliched questions such as “What do I need to do to sell you this product?” These questions can make them feel like creating high pressure on them and may destroy the deal.

Do you have any questions?

Do not assume that your explanation is perfect. Always ask the customer if he has any queries at some point during the presentation or immediately after explaining the product.

Sudeshna Mishra

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