Challenges and Problems Faced By Women Entrepreneurs

 Challenges and Problems Faced By Women Entrepreneurs

Those days are gone when women were confined to a boundary and were restricted within household tasks. Today women occupy the top position in the recognized organization. They kept their footprints almost in every industry. Right from the fields like space, military, science, technology, entertainment, arts, and entrepreneurship- women make their presence felt everywhere.

But nothing is ever easy for them. Our society is still male-oriented, where the percentage of the male entrepreneur is more. According to the Google Bain report, there are hardly 20% of women-owned businesses in our country. Women have to face more challenges and problems in our society. Let’s have a glance at what they are:

Financial problem

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No matter the big or small enterprise, finance is the life blood. Most women entrepreneurs find it tremendously challenging for their business venture. The main reason behind this is they generally do not have a property in their names to use as collateral for obtaining funds.

Lack of education

In India, most women are illiterate or less educated. Due to a lack of education, they are unaware of technology, business, and market knowledge. This lack of formal education creates low accomplishment motivation in them. This is one of the key reasons they fear thinking about running a business.

Limited mobility

As compared to males, the mobility of women is minimal. Their families bother about them traveling solo. Moreover, they are surrounded by too many household responsibilities that they themselves reluctant to move out.

Lack of support

Most women do not get social support such as families, peers, friends, and immediate ecosystems to start their businesses. Moreover, the absence of proper mentorship is one of the main challenges faced mainly by women entrepreneurs in the country.

Sudeshna Mishra

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