How To Get Testimonials

 How To Get Testimonials

When you start a new business, blog, website, or product selling, it is common and essential for you to get testimonials because a new arrival faces difficulty in getting noticed. You need to win your customers’ trust.

But from where does the testimonial come? Getting a testimonial is not easy because convincing people is not easy.

Testimonial is such a powerful thing that helps you to attract clients to your products or services. It is feedback, review, truthful endorsement, or comment that really helps clients to come towards your websites, product, or services. It acts as actual social proof for your business.

According to social proof statistics, approximately 97% of customers prefer to take reviews before purchasing. This is the place where testimonial works. It increases the rate of selling. For instance, when you are searching to buy a new product, service, etc., you certainly check out reviews to make sure that you are selecting the right product before you purchase it. On the other hand, when you do not find reviews on any product, you hesitate to choose it. Well, this is the common tendency of a customer before going to buy it.

Today,  it may be buying any product, choosing any restaurants or hotels,  movies, or doctors, taking any services, or even downloading any apps everywhere people prefer to choose based on the reviews.

But requesting testimonials from your clients or customers can be an awkward feeling. But you have to do that! It’s a great booster for your business. Also, your customers will feel happy because they think you are caring for them.

There are lots of ways to collect customer testimonials. After reading this article, you can quickly gather the testimonials.

Ask your customers via email

Email is still one of the great ways to communicate with your clients. Reach out to your customers via email is a very easy way because it has many advantages, such as

  • it is free and convenient,
  • your emails can instantly reach anywhere in the world,
  • You can make a testimonial request letter and can send it to many people at the same time,
  • Email also helps you to track all your emails and can store them for as long as you want.

Remember, when you are asking for testimonials through email, you must keep a few aspects in your mind, i.e., you must have a sample testimonial letter or testimonial request letter. This makes things easy for your clients and also saves your time because you don’t need to compose a request letter every time.

Send SMS to the customers

The text message that we get regularly is very commonly known as SMS messages. It is a superb and fantastic way to get customer testimonials. These text messages are less likely to be regarded as junk or useless files. So if you ask for the testimonial, then it is less chance of getting lost.

Remember to take permission prior to sending the text messages. There is nothing worse than annoying a customer with an unsolicited text asking for a positive testimonial. Try to send brief messages and if you’re sending multiples, space them out so they can be accessed well and in order. Moreover, you can draft your messages, or you can use an SMS app to write and automate them.

Take people’s opinions on social media

No doubt there are various ways to get positive testimonials for your business, such as email. As discussed above, you can simply ask your customers to give their feedback via email. And another way is you can wait and normally collect testimonials that will generate naturally. When customers are satisfied with your product or service, they share their pleasant experience about it in their own choice. They may leave reviews on your site or on an external review site, Google, ConsumerReports, Yelp, etc.

But nowadays, one of the most feasible ways to get organic feedback that can be quickly and easily shared with existing and potential customers to collect testimonials is social media. Every day people share a lot on their Instagram accounts, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and so on. Moreover, remember people sometimes appreciate your business in some other way rather than only text. That may, for example through an Instagram picture. Such a picture may comprise your product or service, which you can use as testimonials.

So, you can run a search for your business blog or website platforms and check what comes up. You can also use Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, and other tools to get notifications when your business name is shown on these platforms.

You must never forget that your own social media page is also a good place to find testimonials. For example, you can check your Facebook business page for positive reviews and comments and then turn them into testimonials.

Further, if you can not find anything useful, you can create a post yourself and ask your audience for testimonials. Moreover, you can make the post more interesting by adding a poll or survey.

Interview your clients

Collecting testimonials from your customers is a crucial task, so interview them and ask them about their experience with your company’s product or services. An effective way to collect customer testimonials is to use open-ended questions after they have purchased a product from your company and are happy with it.

Asking a good question at the right time will help you admit positive reviews. And never let them say ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ For better understanding, here is an example of an open-ended question for you: Hey, Rahul! Everything seems to be going well. Can you explain more about your experience with the product?

If you want a positive testimonial, you should ask the right questions to get it.

  • Figure out what made them purchase your product or services;
  • Ask them how your product helps now and how the effects went before they bought your product;
  • Request a photo of your customers while they are using your product or service.

Ask for testimonials on your website

Here is another great method to obtain testimonials is to ask directly for the testimonial on your website. To do that, you have first to make a testimonial request form. Furthermore, in strong testimonials, with the help of the custom fields feature, you can customize your request form to your own choice. You can add, edit, remove and rearrange the fields in your forms like company name, company website, pictures, videos, star rating, and many more.

Once your testimonial form is ready, copy the shortcode generated by strong testimonials and then paste it on the page where you want to put the form.

Moreover, if you want to grab more users to give their testimonials, you can offer some rewards or incentives to them, such as gifts, prizes, discounts, etc. But they can get this if they accept participating in a survey or leaving a review. So remember to mention such offers in the testimonial.

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