How To Negotiate A Good Salary

 How To Negotiate A Good Salary

Negotiating a good salary is very common, and every job holder should do that. But some do not prefer to go through this process. It’s mostly due to fear. If you have specialized skills and experience, never step back to negotiation if you don’t get a suitable salary offer.

It often happens that a hiring manager gives you the time to think about the offer and won’t expect an immediate reply. But do it! Here are the best salary negotiation tips that can help you.

Know your worth

When you go for negotiating your salary, don’t just randomly speak out the number. First, do research and understand how much you are worth and what is the average salary rate in your area. As salary depends on various factors such as skills, experience, location, employer policy, etc., you have to find out what others in your field are being paid.

Research the market salary trends

Before moving toward the salary negotiation step, you must have adequate information about current salary trends going in the market. Commonly, most employers keep their salaries private, but there are many job openings such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Payscale through which you can estimate the current salary range. Once you know the salary range, you can demand it as per your position and experience level.

Talk to recruiters

This is also a good way to know the market salary rate. Pick up all the calls that come from recruiters. They know very well what people with your experience are worth. So take advantage of that. You may not know the particular number, but a range is also helpful.

Say “no” and walk away

When you do not get the worth value, confidently turn down the offer and walk away. “Say no and walk away” tricks for an experienced person are a good way to increase your salary.  

Sudeshna Mishra

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