What is more important? Personal life or business?

 What is more important? Personal life or business?

When asked common people, the question “What is more important?” often puts them in a dilemma to prefer what more- personal or professional life. This question arises in everybody’s mind, so till today, it is quite contentious. Many commonly think that we must work because we have to eat and settle. Right?

Well, it makes no sense. Personal and professional life is interdependent. You cannot have a happy personal life without having a happy career and vice versa. So you cannot prioritize one over the other that’s why you have to balance your work and life.

Your personal life comprises everything you do outside of your work. It can be your relationship, family time, leisure time, rest and relaxation time, entertainment, health and fitness, etc. This life is important to relax, rest and recharge so that you can do more productive work.

On the contrary, professional life or business life refers to as working life. It can be your career, job, or business that is fully associated with money and success. This life determines how well you perform in your career and business.

Today, people focus more on their business life rather than their personal life because our society measures success and achievement in terms of wealth and material means. But remember, spending more time on your professional life can make you connect less with yourself, family, and friends.

Hence, try to organize your personal life from time to time. Complete your work life within office hours and never bring work back home. Prefer not to work on Sunday and spend that day enriching your personal life. If possible, turn off your cell phone to keep aside distractions and spend time walking, jogging, exercising, and meditating to rejuvenate yourself. This makes you feel better when you switch back to your work.

Life is a god-gifted one time offer so use it well to stay happy. Enjoy your personal life along with your business life.

Sudeshna Mishra

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