Best Marketing Books to Read

 Best Marketing Books to Read

Every skill and business idea cannot be only learned from academic books. So to learn some better skills, you must read the best marketing books because many of the world’s best marketers have shared their experiences. Here is a compilation of some best marketing books for you.

  • Permission Marketing

Seth Godin is an eminent and influential marketer, especially in online marketing. His book, Permission Marketing, mentions “interruption marketing .”Through the pages of this book, Godin advises companies to build relationships and trust with customers so that the chances of sale can be increased.

  • Positioning

Positioning: The battle for your mind is a classic book in marketing written by Al Reis and Jack Trout. This book describes how to create a position in a customer’s mind. Moreover, you can learn how to identify the weak point of your competitor, how to choose the best name for a product, and many more.

  • Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

Dr. Robert Cialdini’s famous book, Influence mentions why someone says yes. Robert devoted thirty-five years of his life to evidence-based research and a three-year study program to discover what makes people change their behaivour. Also, this book makes you learn about six universal principles to influence or persuade others.

  • Building a Story Brand

Donald Miller’s Building A Story Brand teaches business owners and marketers to use the seven universal components of powerful stories to help connect with customers and grow their businesses. Moreover, this book changes the way to talk about your brand, which automatically makes your listener the way they see you.

  • Top of  Mind

John Hall’s bestselling book Top of Mind shares a step-by-step guide for using the content to make your brand stay at the top of your audience’s mind. This book also teaches how to build a true relationship with your customer, methods of using digital content to target your audience, understanding how customers’ needs and expectations have changed, etc.

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