Leadership Lessons From Bill Gates

 Leadership Lessons From Bill Gates

No one could ever imagine a Harvard dropout student would become a co-founder of largest Microsoft Corporation in the world. He is no other person, the most renowned software maker Bill Gates. He founded the software company with his late childhood friend Paul Allen. Bill Gates later became a technology giant, philanthropist, and billion-dollar entrepreneur. In the software industry, he is an inspiration, a role model, and the most successful exemplar. Adopt his valuable leadership lessons.

Empower others

In the world of tech, Gates encourages others to come up with a creative and innovative ideas. As the CEO of Microsoft, he organized his employees by pooling their interests and putting them into teams. He held regular meetings to get work updates and also give deadlines. He prefers to know the individual by his name and would thank them for their efforts rather than just high-fiving the whole team. Likewise, he does not take time to criticize weak presentations or poor results. Since he focused more on empowering employees, the turnover at Microsoft was very low during his tenure.

Be passionate about perceiving your aim

In an interview with Gates and Jobs, Gates disclosed his past working life with Paul and said how they worked to achieve their goal of putting a computer on every desk in every home. In the end, he said that it’s all about assembling the right team.

Always ask yourself what better you can do

During the speech at Harvard, Gates expresses the importance of turning care into action to solve problems. According to him, the most crucial thing is to never stop thinking and working. Determine your goal and discover the ideal technology.

Do something meaningful with your money

Gates decided to serve humanity and give away more money to charity. In 2000, he and his wife jointly created the world’s largest charitable organization, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and donated 50 billion dollars. This foundation focuses on healthcare and relieving poverty.

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