Little Known Facts About Bill Gates

 Little Known Facts About Bill Gates

A name that does not need introduction in front of the camera, and he is none other than Bill Gates, who marked his name into the list of a millionaire in his early thirties. Despite his popularity, there are many things the world is unknown about. Take a look on behind the camera.

  • Co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, whose birth name is William Henry Gates III, was named after his grandfather William Henry Gates I.

  • He was a Harvard University dropout in 1975 to start Microsoft. Harvard Crimson named him “Harvard’s most successful dropout” in 2010. But interestingly, he was awarded multiple doctorates from various universities, such as the University of Stockholm, Nyenrode Business University, the University of Shinjuku, and the University of Beijing. Not only this but even Harvard was also awarded a doctorate in 2007.

  • At 13, he created his first software program using General Electric Computer. After he took an interest in programming, he used to skip math classes to develop his coding skills.

William H. Gates III | Academy of Achievement

  • Even if multilingual people surround him, he is monolingual. He is only fluent in English.

  • In 2019, Netflix’s three-part documentary Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates was made on Gate’s life. The series discloses how he was able to enter the competitive industry.

  • Gate himself acted in the television series “The Big Bang Theory.” In its 11th season, episode 18, as a guest cast member. ‘The Gates Excitation’ is the episode title where all the main characters crazily want to meet with Gates, but only one can.

  • Gates has written three books, i.e., “The Road Ahead,” published in November 1995, where he mentions the development of personal computing, secondly, Business @ the Speed of Thought,” in 1999, discusses about the link between technology and business and in 2021 “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster” was published where he wrote what he learned about climate change.

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