Social media marketing: A powerful weapon to grow business in Odisha

 Social media marketing: A powerful weapon to grow business in Odisha

Today, everyone wants to grow their company through social media marketing. But even today, numerous people don’t know what social media marketing is and how it’s done.

So we spoke to Khyamashree Mahakud, co-founder of Odisha’s company “Digital Gaurab,” and tried to know what social media marketing is and how it’s used.

-What is social media marketing?

“Social”- Social means connecting with people.” “Media” – media is medium. Through this, many people, many companies, and many communities can be connected. “Marketing”- Marketing is something promoting your product or service. Nowadays, many apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow us to connect with more and more people. If you want to promote an idea, service, or product on social media, then it goes into marketing. So it is called social media marketing.


– When you came into this line, and how is your experience so far?

I have been associated with this line since 2012. But in 2018, I joined directly; we formed two organizations, Digital Gaurab and Gaurab Infotech. Gaurab Infotech provides digital marketing services. Later we saw the problem of people that could not get proper information. Many people want to work in this line but don’t get that opportunity. We also need people who can reach out to others and understand their problems. So we thought that from now on, we would give people training, job, and service. Speaking of experience, I have been very good; I have improved my skills, and I can help people.

What’s the difference between digital marketing and social media marketing?

Social media marketing is a section of digital marketing. Digital marketing is the process by which we bring any product, service, or view to people online. Digital Marketing includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Websites, Ad Marketing, and SCO, which is called Social Media Marketing.


– How do you deal with clients in social media marketing?

These days various types of digital marketing or social media marketing have opened up in Odisha. So we first try to find out what people want in marketing. Then we deal with them. “In Odisha, it is a fusion of digital and traditional marketing.” There are many people who want to promote themselves digitally locally, and we help them too. We, even those who want to be digitally promoted internationally, also help them. We show people that you can grow your business with little money.

– How can one make a career in social media marketing?

Whether digital marketing or social media marketing, marketing is a process. where there is business, there is marketing. Today everyone is starting at least a small business, and every business needs marketing. You can connect with many people on social media and do marketing of your business. And after a few years, you will see that everything will be done through social media, so this platform will surely be good for those who plan to build his career in it. Moreover, the best thing is that you don’t need any top class degree.


– What is needed for this social media marketing business?

To do a social media marketing business, you must first embrace change. All businesses have profit and loss, so it is important to accept them all. Many people think that without knowledge of English, you can not do business. But you can do good business in digital marketing or social marketing even if you don’t know to speak English. Just like we capture a photo and post it on social media. Here, only a business is promoted, so one only needs to be able to operate a system and type well. I personally feel that for this you don’t need any qualifications.

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