Little Known Facts About Warren Buffett

 Little Known Facts About Warren Buffett

Investing giant, business tycoon, and philanthropist Warren Buffett is accredited with the title “Oracle of Omaha.” Since his childhood, he started developing wealth but suffered several setbacks, just like any other successful person. Here are some interesting facts about Warren Buffet you hardly know.

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  • Warren Buffet started his life’s first investment only at 11. This is the age when most children play games and read books, but he purchased stocks, and by the age of 16, he had accumulated more than $53,000 from various business ventures and investments.


  • One of the most disappointing for him was when his application was turned down at Harvard Business School. After graduation from the University of Nebraska, he applied to Harvard Business School but was rejected after the interview. Later he was admitted to Columbia Business School.


  • He was very fond of fast food. So For five decades, he gets his breakfast from McDonald’s on the way to the office.


  • His love for fast food is not limited upto this. He loves to drink Coca-Cola. He has also invested a share in it. It is one of the most noteworthy investments.


  • Most of his wealth flourished after he turned 60. There is no age barrier to success. Undoubtedly, he was very successful before the age of 60 but earned nearly 94 percent of his wealth after his sweet 60. At the age of 89, his net worth is $81.7 billion.


  • Warren’s every day starts with reading a newspaper. In fact, according to his estimation, he spends 80 percent of his day reading.


  • In 1962, Buffett invested in Berkshire Hathaway, a textile company in England, and bought some of the stocks. He believes that the performance of a company depends on how the management team is.


  • Like ordinary people, he also has a fear of public speaking. So he took the Dale Carnegie course by paying 7000 rupees. This is very worthwhile because it helps him propose to his wife.


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